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O.C. Seltetzer watercolor ~ Illustrated Envelope >> SOLD

Olaf C. Seltzer Illustrated Envelope ~ 1945

“Cree in Blue Blanket” 1917 by Edgar S. Paxson


Edgar S. Paxsons Presentation Silver Engraved Cane ~ 1898



Paintings, Buckskin Outfit, Vintage Photos, Presentation Silver Cane, Personal Items, Books, Papers, ETC.

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Welcome to Raunig Art Enterprises!

Frank Tenney Johnson “The Sheepherder” oil on canvas

We have been buying and selling and collecting western American paintings, American Indian art, and all manner of western Americana for 25 years. We have particular interest in deceased western artists from Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Washington, Idaho, California, Oregon. Historic paintings and western art depicting western, frontier and Indian subjects are of particular interest. American Indian beadwork of the 19th century and western Americana are of great interest as well. We also handle contemporary and deceased sporting and wildlife art by several noted western artists. Some of the american artist which we have particular interest are: John Fery, Charles Partridge Adams, Charles M. Russell, O.C. Seltzer, Nick Eggenhofer, William “Bill” Gollings, Hans Kleiber, Ace Powell, William Standing, Edward Borein, J.H. Sharp, Buck Dunton, W.H.D. Koerner, Maynard Dixon, Bob Scriver, Ralph DeCamp, William Standing, Will James, Sidney Laurence and many others. Cowboy paintings, antique western paintings, Native American paintings, western landscapes, American Indian art, antique beadwork and Navajo weavings are all art forms we love. Browse the site, and if you have something for sale or are interested in purchasing western art or Native American art and antiques, please contact Mike Raunig . We are always discreet in all communications.

PHONE: 303-829-4055

Edgar Paxson

Edgar Paxson ~ 1913

Seeking paintings by the following artists:

Charles Partridge Adams

Louis Akin

Clyde Aspevig

Henry Balink

Gray Bartlett

Robert Bateman

Gustave Baumann

Joe Neil Beeler

Frank Benson

Oscar E. Berninghaus

Albert Bierstadt

George Bingham

Thomas Birch

Laverne Nelson Black

Ralph A. Blakelock

E.L. Blumenschein

Karl Bodmer

Edward Borein

Oscar Carl Borg

George Browne

Belmore Browne

George de Forest Brush

Elbridge Ayer Burbank

George Burr

Ken Carlson

George Carlson

William De La Montagne Cary

Gerald Cassidy

George Catlin

Roland Clark

John Ford Clymer

Michael Coleman

Samuel Colman

Dean Cornwell

Bob Coronato

Eanger Irving Couse

Charles Craig

Catherine Critcher

Henry Cross

Edward S. Curtis

Cyrus Dallin

Felix O.C. Darley

Andrew Dasburg

Charles Deas

Ralph DeCamp

Gerard Curtis Delano

Edwin Willard Deming

Maynard Dixon

Harvey T. Dunn

William H. Dunton

Charlie Dye

Seth Eastman

Nick Eggenhofer

Fremont Ellis

Henry Francois Farny

Nicolai Fechin

Fred Fellows

John Fery

Joseph A. Fleck

James Earle Fraser

Luke Frazier

A.B. Frost

Leon Gaspard

Gilbert Gaul

William “Bill” Gollings

Philip R. Goodwin

N. de Grandmaison

Frank Hagel

Joe Halko

Herman Hansen

Armin Hansen

Eldridge Hardie

Alexander Harmer

John Hauser

William Jacob Hays

Earle Heikka

E. Martin Hennings

Robert Henri

Hermann Herzog

Victor Higgins

Thomas Hill

Frank Hoffman

Winslow Homer

Grace Carpenter Hudson

L.A. Huffman

Clark Hulings

Charles H. Humphriss

Lynn Bogue Hunt

Peter Hurd

Henry Inman

George Inness

Harry Jackson

Will James

Frank Tenney Johnson

Raymond Jonson

Carl Kauba

William Keith

Charles Bird King

Hans Kleiber

Gene Kloss

Wm. H. D. Koerner

Cornelius Krieghoff

Bob Kuhn

William Kuhnert

Sydney Laurence

Hank Lawshe

W.R. Leigh

Katherine Leighton

Richard Lorenz

Robert Lougheed

Tom Lovell

Roy Mason

Ken Mayernik

Brownell McGrew

Alfred Jacob Miller

Frederic Kimball Mizen

Thomas Moran

Edward Moran

Peter Moran

Alfred Morang

Erneste Narjot

Willard Nash

Helmuth Naumer

B.J.O. Nordfeldt

Jim Norton

Georgia O’Keeffe

Edmund Osthaus

Sheldon Parsons

Edgar Samuel Paxson

Edgar Payne

Bert Geer Phillips

George Phippen

Ogden Pleissner

Ace Powell

Alexander P. Proctor

Howard Pyle

J.K. Ralston

William Tylee Ranney

Henry Raschen

Marjorie Reed

Winold Reiss

Frederic Remington

James Reynolds

F.A. Rhinehart

Kenneth Riley

A.L. Ripley

Warren Rollins

Julius Rolshoven

Percival Rosseau

Carl Rungius

Charles Marion Russell

Birger Sandzen

Frank Sauerwein

Harold Von Schmidt

Albert Schmidt

American School

Frank Schoonover

Charles Schreyvoge

Hart M. Schultz

Conrad Schwiering

Bob Scriver

O.C. Seltzer

Joseph Henry Sharp

David Shepard

Tim Shinabarger

Will Shuster

John Sloan

Tucker Smith

Gordon E. Snidow

William Standing

John Mix Stanley

Frank Stick

James Swinnerton

Arthur Fitzwilliam Tait

Jules Tavernier

Donald Teague

Howard Terpning

Walter Ufer

James Walker

Melvin C. Warren

Thomas W. Whittredge

Gunnar Widforss

Olaf Wieghorst

Charles Wimar

Lone Wolf

N.C. Wyeth

Andrew Wyeth

Henriette Wyeth

Eustace Paul Ziegler

Links to artist info!

J.H. Sharp, W.Herbert “Buck” Dunton, E.I.Couse, William”Bill” Gollings, NickEggenhofer, AcePowell, Hans Kleiber, Charles Partridge Adams, Gerard Curtis Delano, Charles Craig, William Standing, Lone Wolf, Maynard Dixon, O.C. Seltzer, .K. Ralston, Edward Borein,
C.M. Russell, Ralph DeCamp, Hart Merriam Shultz, W.H.D. Koerner, Conrad Schwiering

Video Links!

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Edgar S. Paxson: The Custer Battle Painting

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