6/09 Cody Old West Show…Denver 2009 Version!

Cody Old West Show…Denver 2009 Version!

Brian Lebel’s annual show, historically done in Cody, Wyoming in June, moved to Denver in 2009, and was a rousing success! Last weekend, I attended the Cody Old West Show & Auction at the Denver Merchandise Mart. As is typical of Lebel produced shows, it was a classy affair with great dealers with wide ranging western and Indian collectibles, but also roomy aisles, beautiful displays and booth presentation and everything was very well lit. The quality of the western American art, American Indian art and the cowboy Americana was truly overwhelming. I predict this show will become “the standard” for Western/Old West shows in the country as it matures, due to the ease of transportation to Denver, as well as the many activities the city has to offer attendees outside the actual show and auction environs.

The show included two auctions, the first a fundraiser for the Denver Art Museum on Friday evening which purportedly brought in approximately $180,000 in donations to the museum. The “big auction” was held Saturday evening with some 525+ lots. Some highlights of the auction were an important and historic Main & Winchester saddle which graced the catalogue cover. The saddle sold for $161,000 with a $50,000 to $100,000 auction estimate.

Main & Winchester Saddle

Main & Winchester Saddle

Another fine items was the early Yanktonai Sioux buffalo hide rifle case which came out of the well known John du Mont collection. The early rifle case brought $8,050 which was a bit under its pre-auction estimate of $9,000 to $12,000. I felt this was a tremendous value to the buyer for such a fantastic and early Plains weaponry item with great collection history and provenance.

Yanktonai - Sioux Buffalo Hide Rifle Case 1875

Yanktonai - Sioux Buffalo Hide Rifle Case 1875

The attendees of the auction got excited about the 4 3/4″ Colt Single Action revolver which belonged to the Mayor of Dawson City in Yukon Territory in the 1920’s. The great looking engraved pistol brought $66,000 against a $30,000 to $40,000 auction estimate.

Engraved Colt Single Action

Engraved Colt Single Action

Great job Mr. Lebel, you pulled off another well produced high quality show and auction. I look forward to attending this fine show for many years to come.

My next big show is the Coeur d’ Alene Art Auction in Reno, Nevada in late July. I will blog about that show as well. Please check back for other articles and observations regarding, shows, auctions, artists, general art market musings in my blog.

Thanks and c’mon back soon!

Mike Raunig, Owner

Raunig Art Enterprises

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