Indian Trade Knives ~ Early American Weaponry

Early Horn Knife ~ Blacksmith Made 1850

Early Horn Knife ~ Blacksmith Made 1850

An essential accouterment of the American Indian was the knife. It was a tool and weapon carried at all times for ready use. My fascination for Indian and Frontier knives has developed into a collection of over 200 early primitive knives. My focus is on handmade or blacksmith made knives of the frontier, used by both the white frontiersman as well as the Native Americans. My period of interest is from 1725-1890. I look for a combination of character, patina, and crafty construction when I seek out new knives for my collection.

Early Indian Knives & Lance Point

Early Indian Knives & Lance Point

If you have any early American knives you would like to sell, please contact me for a discreet evaluation. Please send an email along with photos for review to:


Blackfeet Dag Knife ~ 1850

Please look at my website for more interesting antiques of the American Western Frontier. Always paying cash for fine western art, Plains beadwork and weaponry, early American paintings, antique guns including Indian rifles.

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