William Bill Gollings ~ 1878-1932

William "Bill" Gollings

William "Bill" Gollings photograph

William “Bill” Gollings started painting professionally in Sheridan, Wyoming in the early 20th century and funded his art school tuition through selling rights to publication of several oil paintings to a mid-western publishing firm who used the western images to create calenders, lithographs, post cards, etc.

Gollings was a working cowboy and lived the western lifestyle first hand. He befriended famous Taos Society painter Joseph Henry Sharp who advised Gollings on color usage and exploring a more painterly, impressionistic style.

By 1912 or so, Gollings had blossomed into what now is considered to be one of the finest artists who first-hand, documented the western cowboy and Indian life of the western frontier.

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William "Bill" Gollings ~ Oil on Canvas

William "Bill" Gollings ~ Oil on Canvas

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