Raunig Art Enterprises collects and sells primitive knives, blacksmith made knives, bowie knives, early trade knives, Indian made knives such as the dag knife, horn and bone handled knives from the period of 1750 to 1900. Every person on the western frontier carried a knife of some kind and they were rarely without it at their side. Used as tools, weapons, self protection, the knife was called into service every single day. Some were manufactured in a very sophisticated and precise manner, and many were field made and very crude. The photos here are a sampling of the types of knives we have a particular interest. We buy and sell these early American knives so contact us at if you have any interest or have similar examples for sale.

Various Early Blacksmith Primitive Knifes Circa 1800-1900

1850 Blackfeet Dag Knife

Various Early Primitive Knives